Springing Back

Optimism Prevailed at MBA-NJ's late-winter Regional Conference, Where fee-reducing innovations boosted hopes for renewed productivity

At the recent 30th Annual Regional Conference hosted by the Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey (MBA-NJ), optimism was in the air. Although winter was holding on outside the hall, mortgage bankers and brokers who visited the NCS booth clearly were warming to the idea that the worst of the housing crisis was behind us.

There was palatable excitement compared to last year, when concern over the pending CFPB rulings and their requirements produced a wait-and-see attitude. Now, with a clearer sense of the rules and their scope, lenders are eager to get on with business.

At the NCS booth we talked with mortgage bankers and brokers representing both large and small firms, as well as a number who had left the business for a few years and were now hoping to get back. They were all interested in the innovations that will make loan origination more efficient, economical, compliant, and auditable.

Of greatest appeal were our eSignature capabilities and StartMyApplication product, which creates a personalized lender website where the borrower begins their application and pays all their own credit processing fees.

The way SMA works is that a loan officer or REALTOR® directs a prospective buyer to a lender's personalized "startmyapplication.com" website, where they begin the application and pay all credit-related fees. The lender gets an email alert that the process has begun, and gets another one as soon as the application is approved. It produces a merged credit report that is then available for lender review and submission through all underwriting and lending channels.

It can also extend a company's marketing reach because that personalized SMA website link can be embedded in their current website and promoted in all other marketing channels like emails, direct mail, pay-per-click, and so on. And, it can definitely generate more REALTOR® leads and referrals.

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