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IRS IVES Slowly Re-opens 4506-T Processing

INDUSTRY UPDATE | April 27, 2020​ This morning, we received status notification from the IRS that all four IVES processing centers are slowly reopening starting Monday, April 27.
"We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the current state of our operations. Starting April 27, 2020, we plan to have limited staffing in our service centers to begin processing previously submitted requests. We will not be accepting any new work until we significantly reduce existing inventory. A subsequent update will be provided when new work will be accepted. Due to limited staffing, processing time will be delayed.
Thanks for your patience and please stay safe." ~ IRS IVES Team ​ While honoring safe distancing rules, their workplace operations will be at 50% capacity or less which include centers in Austin (TX), Fresno (CA), Kansas City (MO) and Ogden (UT). There will be a dayshift operating at each site with 25 employees in each of the IVES sites. They will also have a night shift with …

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