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"Ya Gotta Believe!"

By Service 1st- An NCS Affiliate
Encouraging your borrower when they believe their credit history provides no hope.As a loan officer, what are you doing to advise your prospective borrower to make their dream a reality? Are you circling the wagons or just quoting the same rates, that other websites or POS systems already provide?

Mortgage credit reporting is the first third-party service interaction your borrower will likely encounter. It can also be the first roadblock. For a moment, let’s place millennial's student loan debt to the side along with any concerns of borrower savings and down payments. Our consumer’s first hurdle is their credit history and FICO® score.

“Ya Gotta Believe!”~ Tug McGraw Quoting Tug McGraw just prior to becoming an immediate Philadelphia hero following his 1980 closer performance in the Phillies World Series win, here are some encouraging tools for you and your borrowers:

Strategy Three years after a 2015 legal settlement requiring TransUnion, Equifax,…

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