Update to IRS' Mortgage Use Cases Announcement [3/12/2024]

Following NCS and industry advocacy efforts, the IRS announced on March 6th a suspension of their January 2nd announced policy change.

March 12, 2024 - The January 2nd policy would have restricted 4506-C processing exclusively to entities within the mortgage industry.  All TRV® Services (4506-C processing) use cases currently approved by NCS will continue to be processed by the IRS.

Additional Information

NCS President & CEO, Curtis Knuth is a longtime industry advocate for secure and real time access to consumer/taxpayer permissioned IRS tax transcript data.  Since January 2nd, Curtis has championed the commercial and non-profit need for validated tax return data.  NCS would like to thank the following legislators and trade associations for their advocacy work with Treasury and the IRS;

  • Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA)
  • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
  • National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA)
  • Additional financial service and insurance trade associations
  • Representative Patrick McHenry and office staff
  • Representative Jimmy Panetta and office staff
  • Representative Jeff Van Drew and office staff
  • Senator Cory Booker and office staff

NCS’ TRV® Services is distributed in several diverse markets, including education lending, commercial and small business lending, insurance, charity care, healthcare, and others.  As a consumer-permissioned product line, NCS is a strong advocate for consumer choice in authorizing distribution of tax data to safe and sound markets and market participants.

NCS will continue to work alongside the Treasury and the IRS to champion the need for tax transcript data in confirming the ability to repay and in completing validated financial analysis.  Additionally, NCS’ advocacy team remains engaged in advocacy efforts related to HR 3335.

NCS is here to support your organization and advocate for the required risk mitigation data necessary to thrive in all environments. In the meantime, our customer support team is prepared to assist you.

(800) 582-7066 | support@NCSTRV.com


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