Helping Ensure NCS Quality Assurance

Director of Operations Kimberly Montgomery marks her 30th Anniversary
At the Forefront of an Industry that Continues to Evolve

NCS Director of Operations Kimberly Montgomery has made a career of quality assurance. Since joining the company in 1983, she has helped NCS take advantage of improving technology while helping our clients comply with changing regulations.

And all while assuring that the quality of data and of services are best in class.

She is one of the reasons NCS is a leader in verification and credit analysis, with a rejection rate for IRS 4506-T requests under 3 to 4 percent, less than half the industry norm of around 8 percent.

Today is her 30th anniversary with NCS.

As Director of Operations, Montgomery manages the day-to-day operations, helping ensure that the corporate culture and philosophy is maintained throughout the enterprise. She has direct oversight of quality control in the TRV® Services, customer care, credit, and security divisions.

She runs Operations' daily production reports, working with all department directors to improve efficiency and work flow, monitor current production capacity, and ensure that departments are meeting those production goals. She manages production personnel while overseeing security, customer support, and the Courthouse Services operation.

Growing with NCS and the Mortgage Industry

After beginning in the Courthouse Services area, where she handled property and title searches as well as several related operations, she was running those services, receiving orders from banks and dispatching them to the appropriate county's abstractor, then overseeing preparation of the reports to send back to the lender. She worked in credit reporting while she added additional skills in the mortgage credit report areas.

"I started out in the Courthouse Services end of it, which is property searches and title searches and that type of thing," she says. "That was my main area and then eventually I was running that whole portion of services. But I also was doing credit reports and working in the mortgage department. I've been all over."

As NCS products and services expand, and the client list grows with new customers across the country, the responsibilities for Montgomery and the rest of the company staff grow with them. Whether it is providing credit reporting with industry-leading turn times, or simply answering customer inquiries over the phone, you can always be assured that NCS will perform with the highest quality.

And a large part of the credit for that goes to Montgomery.

"We are very proud here of are our quality control and quality assurance programs," she says. "Having one of the lowest reject rates with the IRS is a direct result of our staff going beyond the expected!"


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