IRS Announces No Change to Fee for IRS Tax Transcripts

Each transcript year requested via the IRS form 4506-T will incur the existing $2.00 fee.

The IRS announced today that the result of their analysis reviewing all costs associated with the IVES (Income Verification Express Service) program does not require a change in the current fee or “surcharge” of $2.00 per transcript year requested.  The fee will remain at $2.00 from today’s date till October 1st, 2017, at which time the IRS will have completed and announced the results of a similar cost analysis.  The IRS reviews the costs of services supported by user fees every two years and adjusts the fee accordingly.

There was a possibility that the IRS may increase the fee to cover needed upgrades to the e-Services platform and overall IT infrastructure effecting performance of the IVES program.  The IRS has wide discretion, per the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) towards their spending of the fees.  NCS was included in a consortium of IVES participants who advocated for a marginal increase in the fee to cover enhancements to the program.

The U.S. House Appropriations subcommittee voted in June to set the IRS’ budget for FY 2016 at $10.1 billion, reducing the IRS’ budget by $838 million from the FY 2015 level and $2.8 billion below the White House’s request for year. User fees collected by the IRS account for less than 2% of the IRS’ total budget according to a November 2011 GAO (Government Accountability Office) report reviewing and providing guidance to the IRS for their biennial review of user fees.


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