Disrupting the Mortgage Industry

Disrupting the Mortgage Industry
Jeff Gentry | Vice President | September 19, 2016

According to Google, the definition of disrupt is “to interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem." Disrupt is one of the trendy words executives and strategists use when defining their products or solutions.  For example, the new Hyperloop transport will disrupt and change the way people commute through hi-speed travel in a tube.  In the mortgage industry, there are several companies popping up with goals to disrupt the way mortgages are originated by using mobile technology.

Consumers and mortgage originators alike are more tech savvy and comfortable with using mobile devices to fill out applications, order verification services, and eSign documents.  Companies like Easy Mortgage Apps, StreamLoan, SimpleNexus and others a e creating apps that connect lenders, consumers, and real estate agents, to make the loan process easier and way more transparent for everyone.  I look forward to the disruption these companies are making.

At NCS, our IBV (Instant Bank Verification) solution is on the cutting edge of electronic consumer bank statements.  As simple as sending a link to the consumer and having the them log into their online bank account, the lender can have 90 days of bank statements formatted into an easy to read report with built in analytics.  Call or email us today to schedule a demo of this fantastic solution.

For further information on IBV (Instant Bank Verification) or any of NCS’ solutions, please contact NCS.

Jeff Gentry is Vice President at NCS.  His e-mail is jgentry@ncstrv.com


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