Originators got swamped this August.

By Curtis Knuth

Wow, originators got swamped this August. It’s a timely volume increase, as there were a considerable number of mortgage bankers with cash flow concerns up to mid-2019. In addition to the demand for credit reports, our VOE processing department is preparing for a dramatic volume increase this September.

Lighten your load. Keep in mind, VOE and TRV (4506-T) processing are simple, time-consuming tasks for a solution provider to consume. Our SERVICE 1st team is ready to explain and document our client’s success stories– many who are new to S1.

Simplify your ordering process. If you’re an Encompass shop, SERVICE 1st have a “Three-on-the-Tree” offering available to you including TRV® (4506-T), SSV (SSA-89), and VOE. All services are in one location, with a single source ordering and retrieval portal. How simple is that?!

Service first.
To learn more about the benefits we can provide you, contact our team at SERVICE 1st during business hours. You’ll immediately reach a live representative. No endless pressing your keypad buttons. It’s a small example of our commitment to deliver beyond the expected service- our mantra is in our company name.

Kindest regards,

Curtis Knuth
CEO, Service 1st
(800) 582-7066

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