Lisa Binkley is turning heads in the industry with a new award.

National Credit-reporting System Inc. (NCS), a full-service consumer reporting agency specializing in third-party verification solutions and credit intelligence, announced today that its SVP of Product Development, Lisa Binkley, is named a recipient of the Lending Luminary Award presented by Progress in Lending. She received this honor for her contributions within the mortgage industry in creating standards that address 100% of a borrower's employment, income, and asset attributes.

In the last year, Binkley has spearheaded some cornerstone initiatives and best practice procedures that supplement the current digital footprint of our lending environment for borrowers that; 1) do not receive W2 income, 2) are unwilling to allow a lender access to their bank accounts, and/or 3) have employers who do not report to a third-party repository. 

Binkley has designed and deployed a new VOE/I platform powered by NCS for fulfilling automated and manual verifications of income that interfaces directly with the employers. It is a cascading tool that will allow all consumer's employment and income to be serviced in today's digital mortgage marketplace.

"Lisa continues to successfully identify opportunities where technology and human decisions coexist in synergy," states Curtis Knuth, CEO/President of NCS. "Her innovative contributions ensures future success for our company and the mortgage industry as a whole."

Binkley has consistently implemented product features that allow for fast document upload while eliminating data input by end-users; this leverages the trusted data from employers and the IRS to perform various calculations. Recently, that includes a simplified income determination tool that calculates this captured data using our customizable, standards-based rules engine.

Lisa's industry perspective places a high value upon innovations that expedite the loan manufacturing workflow process with smart automation, greater access to borrower data, and real-time transparency throughout the loan manufacturing process. Mortgage technological advancements should:

       provide a one-stop solution combining automation, human logic, and regulatory compliance
       seamlessly interact with existing tools and systems
       create practical workflow processes for originators, underwriters, and borrowers
       reduce the number of days to close a loan
       decrease the cost and time to request, gather, verify, and process loan manufacturing functions

Most of Binkley's career includes identifying opportunities where technology and human decisions coexist in synergy. When using credit, employment, or property data in the lending decision, Lisa continues to advocate the necessity of human logic when cascading outside an automated rule engine.

To see a list of the other award recipients, read on.


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