NCS just added VOE Services to MeridianLink

Employment and income verification as easy as 1-2-3

Today, we are announcing a new suite of verification of employment services to the MeridianLink platform. Introducing VOE Services for NCS client users, an all-encompassing solution offering quick turn times for manual, automated, and verbal authentication of employment history. NCS makes it easy for MeridianLink users with no data input or monthly minimums. 

Engineered as a web-based technology system solution, NCS’ VOE Services communicates real-time status during the lifecycle of your order with granular transparency. The system automates a significant part of this service in three easy steps;
1)    validates employer name, telephone, and address using a robust database of employers
2)    automatically sends the correct form by VOE type
3)    digitally interfaces with the employer verifier
Once the employer clicks SAVE, the information is sent to our API system for review by a VOE processor. 

“We look forward to unified verification product offering with MeridianLink client users. This added service will trigger more loan manufacturing efficiencies and benefits for lenders that we’re very excited about”, says Curtis Knuth, President/CEO of NCS. By adding NCS’ VOE Services to their current credit reporting, income (4506-T) and identity (SSA-89) source data processing options available on MeridianLink, NCS empowers client users with one source billing, 100% USA-based service, and competitive bundled saving.
NCS’ VOE Services uses automation from a robust database of new and participating employment and earning histories. However, 75% of US-based employers are small businesses that require manually verification and database input. Despite the outweighed demand, NCS’ VOE processors successfully fulfill order requests up to 3 times faster than the industry benchmark for manual and verbal verification processes.

NCS focuses on premier customer satisfaction by delivering quality reports with speed, accuracy, and consistency. Whether to consider third-party service providers using automation, verbal or direct-to-employer verification processes, NCS’ VOE Services has the customer support, the operations team, and the cultural experience to seamlessly manage all of your VOE requirements.

More about NCS
NCS (National Credit-reporting System Inc.) is a full-service consumer reporting agency specializing in third-party verification solutions and credit intelligence. NCS offers quick access to validated source data for client users like bankers, mortgage brokers, and credit unions.


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